The advisa Witschaftsakademie e.V. (advisa e.V.) is a non-profit association based in Reinbek cty next to the city of Hamburg in Germany. The advisa e.V. is resisted in 1994 with a group of experts and educated people to promote economic development, entrepreneurship and education in Germany and Europe.

advisa e.V. has been working on different projects related to the migrants and focuses on Afghanistan and Afghan migrants in Europe. We have organized international economic conferences about economic development in Afghanistan since 2009. The Reinbek Afghanistan Economic Development Conferences organized at the city of Reinbek, Germany and we have invited German and Afghan businessmen, experts, officials, and students to discuss and share their ideas and opinions about how to develop business and cooperation.

The advisa e.V. has members from migrant community to work with entrepreneurs with migrant backgrounds to be successful in the European markets. In addition, our association is closely working with communities and support them for social cohesion through education and other learning programs including digital learnings.

The advisa Wirtschaftsakademie e.V. (association) is focusing on EU programs including Erasmus+ for formal, informal and non-formal adult education, Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), and other related EU programs. The advisa association’s main activities include training, digital education, seminar, and workshops.

Main Activities

  • Education Programs on Economic Issues:

advisa Wirtschatsakademie e.V. offers training, workshops, and different types of informal adult education programs. The association has outstanding experiences in organizing events, particularly conferences at national and international levels. We believe economic development is vital for each society, and we aim to bring the knowledge and offer them for enhancement of economic knowledge among people.

  • Socio-economical integration of Afghan migrants in Germany and Europe

Our association offers different types of socio-economic integration programs for Afghan migrants in Germany and Europe. Our team consists of Afghan and German experts who have a passion for the successful socio-economic integration of Afghans in Germany and Europe.

  • Civic Education 

Our association offers different civic education programs for the citizens to ensure everyone is aware of rights and values. Mainly, we work on social cohesion programs, cross-regional cooperation, political participatory activities, and finding a pathway for civic voices. To ensure that citizens have the knowledge to form independent opinions and make informed decisions; and To empower citizens to express their situation, know and do their responsibilities to society, and play an active role in social and political activities.

  • Promoting Digital Education and Innovation in Europe

Digital knowledge becomes an essential part of everyone’s life, and citizens should have equal digital education access. Therefore, our association has tremendous experience in offering training courses, and we thrive for innovation in designing new digital education programs for all the citizens, mainly migrants in Germany and Europe.

  • Women Empowerment

Our association offers different types of projects for women, particularly women with a migration background, in Germany and Europe. Our first project to work with women was in 1994, and we have been striving to empower women’s roles in communities and societies.

Phone: 0049 40 72 919 929 

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