The Afghan Association believes in people´s intention and willingness to engage and take responsibility both individually and with others and together for the best and light future in Sweden. The Afghan Association stand for equal value and rights, that mean all our member/people who share our value should have right to be active and participate in the association in equal terms. Discriminating actions may not occur among our elected representatives or members, whether inside or outside the association. The racism or other discrimination and offensive treatment some threat the people or society are not acceptable in our association.

We work together with Swedish organizations (local and national) like Folkets Hus (People’s House), Örebro För Alla (Orebro For Everyone), Hyresgästförningen (Tenants´ Association), ABF: Arbetarnas bildningsförbund (Workers‘ Educational Association), Asylgruppen I Örebro (Asylum group in Orebro), FARR: Flyktinggruppernas riksråd (Refugee groups‘ council), Örebro Rättighetscentrum, Föreningarnas Hus (The House of Associations), Örebro Föreningsråd (Örebro Association Council)… for human rights, integration, refugees rights, youth rights and women rights.

Afghan Association work together with above listed organizations in diffrensts field for example seince 2017 the Afghan Association work together with Folkets Hus and other organization to organize the Vivalla Festival. The festival held every year in Vivalla the idea was to promote integration and have fun together. More then hundred organization show their culture and tradition (food, music, dans, cloths….). The Afghan Association is one of the organizer.  The same time we showing our culture and tradion (afghan national dance Attan, food). That is fantastic festival.

Since 2018 we work together with other associations to host a human rights exhibations. Last year in 23 october in the exhabtion we showed the films about Afghanistan women and gav a presentation about Honor Killing in Afghanistan.

In 2019, we cilibarte the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence in Stockholm with Afghanistan embassy. The Afghan Association was one of the 7 other Afghan association beside the Afghanistan embassy to organize the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence ceremony. In last we have gotten the appreciation certificate from The Afghanistan embassy.

Since 2018 we work together with Örebroböstäder (Orebro county housing) we are celebrating the culture day for different culture in august month. We have different activity for young people and children.

We have more then 250 members (children, young people, women and men). We have board of directors, women units, economy unit, recruitment unit, youths unit and mother tongue, culture unite and more. We organizing different program for afghan community to integrate in the Swedish society like mother tongue lessons for children, and other tongue program for adults especially for women who came to Sweden and are uneducated, afghan national dance (Attan) program for girls and boys, music, information about Swedish society and Swedish work market for newly arrived children and adult and for jobless people, “walking in dark” for women to find selfconfidance and fight against fear. Homework program for children and women, Swedish language for immigrants (SFI) for women.

If you need more information or have any question about the Afghans Association please contact us via email, Instagram or Facebook.




Najibullah Zakhilwal
Chiarman of the Afghan Association in Örebro (AfFö)

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