Protocol of the kick off meeting in Bonn: 17- 19.8.2021

According to the agenda and schedule which is already arranged, all representatives of the project partners, except Dr. Najibullah Zakhiwal from  Afganska Föreningen i Örebro, arrived and took part in the welcome meeting on Tuesday evening, 17. of August 2021 in the lobby of Acora Hotel.

Meetings participants are as followed:

1.           Cornelia Lehman (Advisa Akademie, Hamburg, Germany)

2.           Yahya Wardak  (Afghanic e.V., Bonn, Germany)

3.           Fazel Rahman (Afghan Wulas cultural association, Vienna, Austria)

4.           Zemarai Mohaqiq (Afghan Cultural Association in Copenhagen, Denmark)

5.           Abdul Ali Rasulzada from Malmö (Afghanska Föreningen i Örebro Örebro, Sweden)

Wednesday, 18 of August:

After breakfast we all went to the afghan office.

Following the warm welcoming reception from Dr Wardak, Head of Afghanic e.V, he gave us detailed information about his association and the extensive activities his association is carrying out. He talked about the  plans and projects, which are going to be done in the future. The whole presentation was given in PowerPoint. Mr. Wardak  introduced us the examples and the list of the books published for the Kabul Universities and printed materials about learning Pashtu language as well.

Following the Lunch, Mrs Cornelia Lehman gave presentation on what Erasmus+ & strategic partnership is. Several questions were raised from participants and she gave  some examples how to plan and emplement projects, specially our project as well.

Dr. Fazel Rahman, Afghan Wulas cultural association presented his presentation through PowerPoint about the activities of the association and mentioned challenges facing the association. He showed some printed materials of seminars on mother language organized by the association and introduced “Afghan Wulas” , the magazine of the association.

After a tea and coffee break there was a  general discussion and exchange of view and experiences on the cultural activities of each partner of this project.

Thursday, 19. August 2021

Following the breakfast Mr Abdul Ali Rasulzada, from Malmö  gave a lecture on why the literary of migrants are important in their mother language courses. He gave participants his printed materials and introduced his published books about mother language. Mr Rasulzada is an expert on teaching mother language. He explained how and through which challenges he taught Pashtu language in the last 30 years in Malmö.

After that Mr Zemarai Mohaqiq introduced his association and the activities and chalanges of the association in Denmark. He also presented his published books and gave each participants a copy.

Mrs Cornelia Lehman gave information about Advisa and Wirtschaftsakademie, introduced the website of the instructions and talked about  her experiences during working in Afghanistan.

After lunch participants had an interesting meeting with some well known Afghan social figures  and writers living in Bonn such as Mr. Mubarez Tzapi (Sapi), writer and Pashto poet, Dr. Makhan Shinwary, writer and former Afghan Ambassador in Vienna, Dr. Adbulah Momand and Mohammad Arif, an interpreter and translater for German, Pashto and Dari languages, Author of a comprehensive dictionary in the mentioned languages. A useful discussion took place with them. Some of the partner met than Mr Abdul Wali Achakzai author of well known comprehensive dictionary „QAMOSONA.COM“.

At the End  a well designed certificate of participation was given by Mr Wardak to all participants.

Sightseeing was also interesting.

Written by:  Fazel Rahman, Afghan Wulas

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