The Afghan Cultural Association is established in the summer of 2000 and got its reg. nr. CVR. Nr. 29464405 in 2006.

This is a voluntary association working with Afghan Culture, language and helping Afghans in Denmark.

Our activities in Denmark:

  • Teaching Afghans children in Pashto and Dari.
  • Holds party on all Afghan anniversaries.
  • Gathering place for Afghan families.
  • Shows Afghan culture to those who are interested.
  • Helps Afghans to integrate I Denmark and help them with education and job opportunities.
  • Teaches Afghans their rights and obligations in democratic societies.

Our activities in Afghanistan:

  • In general, we help several places with educational system in Afghanistan.
  • Has built a cultural center and library of 400 m2 in Laghman province where local people can use it for free.
  • We also have a project running with children who have lost their fathers in the war where they receive financial aid every month so they can go to school. Today we sponsor 27 children and the number grows as we find more sponsors in Europe and USA.

Shoukar Naeimi, Head of Assoiation

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